Why Zoniz™

How Zoniz™ can help your business grow using social networking?

Zoniz™ is a automated system that helps you get more fans and followers from visitors to your store, website, Facebook page, and paid advertising. Increase your fan base, open a dialog with your customers, get feedback and promote your product or services directly to fans and their friends.

Add new fans

Don’t let visitors pass by, make them your friends

Your potential customers are everywhere. They visit your store. They browse your site to learn about products, services or your company reputation. They check your Facebook profile. They want to know what other other people are saying about your company.

Zoniz™ is an automated system that makes it easy for companies to get more fans and followers and to promote your services or products directly to them. Once they become followers you can use Zoniz™ to interact with your fans and their friends, family or coworkers.

Start conversations

Inspire people to share stories about your brand

People do not connect with a product or a service, they connect with other people's ideas, views and beliefs. Social media is the perfect medium to create stories that will inspire your fans and followers to share with friends or coworkers.

Use Zoniz™ to open a dialogue with your customers. By using our viral mechanism, tools, and promotions, you can improve your visibility among social network sites without effort.

Don’t know how to start? Zoniz™ comes with a set of templates, graphics and ideas that will help you get started right-away.


Get fast, direct, and honest feedback from your customers

Use social media networks to get a direct connection to your customers and open a dialog at any time. Use Facebook and Twitter to find out your customer preferences, what they think about your new products, and what they expect from your team.

Zoniz™ integrates perfectly with all your sales channels, making it easy to get feedback from people that are interested in your brand, products, and services. Your fans and followers may be your company's greatest asset. Get in touch with them today and find out what they like and what they expect from your brand.


Use customers network to attract more people to your business

Personal recommendations are the most powerful way to get new customers. Social media is the fastest medium by which messages are from one user to another. Zoniz comes with a series of promotional tools that can motivate customers to recommend your products, services or company to their friends, family or colleagues. Use them every day and you will start seeing results from day one!

Grow your network

Work smarter, not harder.

Zoniz™ is an automated system that helps companies grow their customer base using social media networking. We offer a series of tools to get more fans and followers by adding viral promotions to your sales channels, making it easy to grow your fan base.

Whether you want to increase sales, expand your brand visibility, extend your customer services, or if you just want optimize your social media presence, Zoniz is a powerful, complete, automated, and optimized social media marketing solution.