Our software is designed to automate all your social promotional media activities using a simple interface.
Promote your brand, products or services everyday with the help of our optimized social media promotion tools.

Zoniz Social Media Success Database™

We offer a collection of creative messages, images and applications that enable anyone to promote on social media like a professional would do. You will find within Zoniz the guidance you need promote yourself everyday, without having to spend time with research, graphics design or programming. As social media is a fast moving medium, we keep updating the library very often, starting with industry standard best practices to latest trends.

Social Media Applications

Contest and vouchers are a great way to get attention from people on social networks. Our applications are designed to help people spread the word about your company/products/services with their friends. For example you can create contests or discounts where users has to share their details with you to participate, or they need to publicly promote your contest on Facebook, send an invitation to a friend to join the promotion, so you get more publicity for free.

Mobile Optimized Applications

With the increase usage of mobile devices, you’ll want people to be able to participate in your promotional campaigns while they are on the roads. All our applications are optimized for mobile devices, so people can access them anytime, anywhere. For example if you want to offer a voucher to all the people that share your promotions on Facebook, they can do that right from their mobile phone.

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Filtered Users Contacts

By using our social media optimized applications you can grow your marketing database with details users share publicly on Facebook such as name, gender, email. Once they have registered you can follow up with promotional campaigns that are targeted exactly on their profile.

For example you could send a newsletter to all womens within your database, and a different newsletter to all mens. You can create filters based on all fields available including: city, age, gender, name or any combinations of available data.

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Zoniz™ Website Toolbar

With Zoniz™ you have the ability to present your social media messages, or promotions to people that visit your website, therefore increasing your chances to get those people connect to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. If they choose to participate in a promotion they can do that without leaving the website, which gives you a double advantage: they can become your fans and they stay on the site to continue their journey.

Social Media Website Page Integration

Unlike toolbars which sits on top of your site, you can embed social media promotions in any web page, then you can manage everything from Zoniz™ administration. You can create and schedule different campaigns in different days, and they will appear on your webpage or blog whenever you choose to do so. If people choose to participate in such promotions, they are not going to be directed to Facebook, they will remain on site.

Zoniz™ Polls

Do you want to know what your Facebook Fans thinks about your product or services? Do you need to add a bit of fun on your social media accounts? Zoniz Polls helps you create polls, questionnaires using from pre-defined templates. You can integrate the polls on your website, promote them on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, in your newsletters. The polls polls are optimized for mobile devices, making it fun and easy for people on the road to provide you feedback on your products or services.

Schedule Publishing

Save time and improve your productivity by scheduling all your promotional and social media activity from a single location. You can schedule everything, from website updates, to Facebook updates, Twitter posts and promotions, all using a very simple to use interface.

Send newsletters to your fans

Email marketing it’s still an important way to keep in touch with your customers. Once you grow your database with people from social media, you can start targeted email newsletter campaigns, to keep them updated with your latest offers, products or services. You can import your contacts to our newsletters module, as well you can add filters to your list, creating highly targeted powerfull email campaigns.

Zoniz™ Rewards

Zoniz™ Reward is the easiest way to reward your fans for promoting your business to their friends.