Zoniz™ is an automated solution to connect, manage, and increase your customer base using social networking.

Use Zoniz™ to:

Get new fans and followers

Use Zoniz™ with your existing sales channels to get new fans and followers without interrupting user flow.

Promote to fans and friends every day

Run social media connected promotions directly on your website, your Facebook page, or special landing pages.

Automate and optimize social media activity

Save time and resources by managing all your social media activity in one place.

Build a connected brand

Web, Print, Mobile and Paid advertising

Use Zoniz™ to connect with your fans and followers everywhere they get in touch with your brand: on your website, on your email list, on your Facebook page, on your mobile site, or in-store.

Our automated social media promotional tools integrate seamlessly with your website, keeping visitors engaged with your website's content without redirecting them to other social networking sites.

This is a powerful mechanism to get more more people to connect with your company, taking advantage of your current marketing activities without having to spend extra money on paid social media promotions.

Spread your word

Publish your message across social networks

Get maximum exposure from your messages by posting when you need to in the format your customers will understand.

With Zoniz™ you can schedule all your social media publishing activity across multiple Facebook Pages, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts at once. We offer a powerful set of optimized social media templates, built-in images, and text copy that will serve you as a starting point or inspiration.

Attract new fans

Offer incentives to visitor for becoming fans

Social media is about building relationships with your customers, potential customers, and their friends.

Asking your visitors, buyers, or past customers to become fans of your Facebook page is the easiest way to grow your social media audience.

Our optimized tools will allow you to ask people to become fans on social media directly on your website without having to leave their current site.

Using Zoniz™ you can show your appreciation for your new fans by offering small incentives like discounts for friends or free shipping on a next order that will make them happy

Get feedback

Ask your customers how to improve

Social media has taken the anonymity out of the internet. Get more comprehensive feedback faster from your customers, prospects, or visitors using social media channels.

Ask your fans or followers about your upcoming products and services, their experience in store with your staff, or how you can improve your services.

With Zoniz™ you can easily create feedback forms that can be integrated directly on your website, on your Facebook pages, or as landing pages.

Offer discounts

Reward your best customers with discounts

Product discounts are a great way to motivate your customers to share your promotions, brand or page with their friends.

Use Zoniz™ to promote discounts to people that become fans of your Facebook page, share your products and services with their colleagues, or recommend a page to a specific number of friends.

Grow your marketing database

Add new prospects from social media

Use social media networking to create a powerful network of people who like your company and are willing to promote your products and services to their friends, family, and coworkers. Use Zoniz™ to create a powerful social media database of all individuals that participated in your social media campaigns.

Once you build your database, you can repeatedly market to a select audience.

Automate Marketing

Let the system work while you sleep

Social media is a great opportunity to get closer with customers. Companies lacking the knowledge, infrastructure, and time necessary to adapt to social networking miss out on invaluable marketing opportunities.

Zoniz™ is an easy-to-use automated system designed to enhance and automate all your social media promotional activity.

What makes our system unique is the ability to connect with people active in social media through multiple mediums: on your website, email list, your Facebook page, on your mobile website or in store.

Use Zoniz™ to create a synergy between your current promotional activities and social media to get more customers, easier and faster.